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Please read the following to learn how we help protect your information and identity. We have also outlined some common-sense steps that can help further protect your information by adding an extra layer of protection to your online experience.

Our commitment to security

Computershare is committed to the security and privacy of securityholder data. Our Investor Center website incorporates safety features that give you greater security and peace of mind as you manage your portfolio online.

How we protect you online

Secure technology & Encryption
Our fraud prevention and security systems help protect you with the latest encryption technology and secure communications. Anti-virus protection detects and prevents viruses from entering our secure computer network while firewalls block unauthorised access.

All Investor Center web pages utilise Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your privacy. Look for the lock icon in your browser when accessing Investor Center to know your session is fully encrypted and secure.

Strong passwords
Computershare policy requires you use a strong password with your Investor Center account. Your password must have a minimum of 8 characters and include a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter. You can also add extra characters to make your password even stronger.

Using a strong password is the most important thing you can do to help keep your Investor Center account secure. If you aren’t sure if you have a strong password, visit Investor Center to reset it as soon as possible.

Security questions
Computershare uses security questions to provide you with a secondary method to identify yourself online. Security questions are designed to be memorable to you but hard for someone else to guess. When used in conjunction with other identifying information, they help us verify that you are the person who is requesting access to your account.

You will be required to choose and provide answers to three security questions when you set up your Investor Center account. We will use these questions as an additional security check if you login from a new computer or attempt to change/reset your password.

Personal site seal
The Personal Site Seal feature is an additional layer of security that is used when you sign in to Investor Center that helps you know it’s really us. It consists of two parts (a colour and three words) that you choose when you set up your Investor Center account.

When you see your personal site seal image you can be confident that you are on an authentic Computershare website and it’s safe to enter your password. Whenever we ask you to enter your password we will display this image.

This is my computer
This security feature helps us know it's really you. Each time you login from a new or different computer (or device) we'll ask one of the security questions you created when you set up your Investor Center account. We’ll also notify you by email anytime a login occurs from a new computer that you haven’t accessed Investor Center from before.

This feature uses ‘Cookies’ to track the computer you login from. If you disable ‘Cookies’ on your computer this feature will not work and you will have to answer a security question each time you login to Investor Center. Click here to learn more about how we use ‘Cookies’ to improve your online experience.

What you can do to protect yourself online

Secure your computer
You should always make sure your browser software is up to date and download and install any operating system and software updates (sometimes called patches or service packs) in a timely manner. Click here to learn about the browsers we support.

Additionally you should ensure your computer is equipped with up to date, comprehensive firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam security software and run regular scans of your computer for viruses. Doing this prevents unauthorised users from gaining access to your computer or monitoring transfers of information to and from the computer.

Common sense tips for keeping your Investor Center account secure
While we actively protect the security of your Investor Center account we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Keep your user ID and password secure and confidential
  • Always use a strong password
  • Avoid using your Investor Center password with other online accounts
  • Change your password regularly, and avoid reusing old passwords
  • Don’t share your password with anyone, even family members
  • Never send your password or any private account information over email
  • Only enter your Investor Center password when you see your personal site seal
  • Choose security questions and answers that cannot be easily guessed by someone else
  • Avoid using a public computer if possible, but if you do always sign out when your session is complete
  • If you believe your account information has been compromised, visit Investor Center to change your password immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read our security information. Computershare is committed to the security and privacy of securityholder data and by being aware and security conscious when you interact with us online you can help reduce the risk of someone else accessing your personal information.

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