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New Account Investment Options:    
a) Minimum one-time purchase OR$250.00  
b) Minimum ongoing automatic investment$50.00  
Existing Account Investment Options:    
a) Minimum Purchase OR$50.00  
b) Minimum ongoing automatic investment$50.00  
Minimum shares required to enroll for existing accounts1  
Maximum Purchase$100,000.00 per year.  
Note: The minimum purchase requirement is applied separately to ongoing automatic investments and optional cash investments, while the maximum purchase limit is calculated using the total of all invested funds during the specified period of time.
Initial Setup Fee$10.00  
Cash Purchase Fee$5.00  
Ongoing Automatic Investment Fee$2.50  
Purchase Processing Fee (per share)$0.05  
Dividend Reinvestment Fee5% of amount reinvested up to a maximum of $5.00  
Batch Sales Fee$15.00  
Batch Sales Processing Fee (per share)$0.12  
Batch Maximum Sales FeeN/A  
Market Order Sales Fee$25.00  
Market Order Processing Fee (per share)$0.12  
Market Order Maximum Sales FeeN/A  
Note: Please consult the plan documentation for further details on fees and commissions.
Allow Non-US ParticipationYes